Kids Say the Darndest Things All the Time

UPDATED with new stories - January 8th, 2019

One of the best things of being an elementary school teacher is that I get to experience hilarious moments all the time. I work with children who are at the prime of their development stage; it's a surreal time because through them I get to see the world we live in, the world we have created. What they say reflects on what we (as guardians, as influencers, as teachers, as parents, as neighbors) have taught them, what we have revealed to them, and what actions we have taken in their presence to inspire them or in many cases have derailed them from the moral path.

Whenever I witness anything worth sharing, I will continue to add to this post. Happy reading and happy laughing. 

What do you hear?

January 8th, 2019

My students never cease to amaze me. They always bring out the best stuff when I’m least expecting it.

It today’s class, one of the target words was hear, after I explained the meaning and asked my students to make sentences, I got basic sentences like, “I hear a car,” “I can hear music,” “I hear my mother,” as I had expected. Until, Sunny raised her hand and said, “teacher I hear my mom and dad in the bedroom,” and then she made kissing gestures and funny noises!

Of course everyone started laughing, including myself, but then there was this one kid who had no clue what was going on. He asked, “why you say haha, why they say haha, why why?” That made everything even funnier hahaha.

I need a new computer!

September 5th, 2018

We just got back from our summer holidays. Some of us are still in our vacation mode. I had to reiterate the classroom rules, because it felt like my students had forgotten everything.

However, what happened in today’s class made me very happy. It’s always wonderful to witness that the students have retained what they learned in the previous semester. As some of you read the previous blog post about Judy’s Big Problem, a story about a girl who went to the hospital - my students learned about different ailments; headache, runny nose, the flu, cold, etc

So before we did the warm-up for today’s class, I was having issues with my computer, nothing seemed to work, so I said out loud, “I need a new computer!” And Donald said, “no teacher, computer has the flu, take it to the doctor.” Haha.

What’s wrong?

June 19th, 2018

In our class today, we were reading Judy’s Big Problem, a story about a girl who goes to the hospital. The idea was for the students to learn about various health problems/minor ailments. After they learned the target words headache, and runny nose, Leo, a student in the first row raised his hand and said, “teacher, I have bad bad runny mouth,” and started coughing hahaha.

But here’s the best part - when we were reviewing all the target words and sentences at the end of the class, Tony couldn’t answer any of the questions because he had been sketching the whole time. When I asked him why he wasn’t paying attention, his desk-mate, Donald said, “Alex teacher, this is Tony’s big problem, not Judy’s big problem.” And everyone started laughing.

What is it?

April 3rd, 2018 - Shenzhen, China

Today, I was teaching my grade two class about the means of transport and I witnessed the funniest thing ever, which made me write this blog post. We started with bicycles, then cars, then buses, everything was going well until I put up the slide for a taxi.

I asked them, "what is it?" And one of the kids said, "teacher it's chūzūchē." (chūzūchē is Chinese for taxi). I said, "yes, but what do you call it in English." And another kid said, "teacher, it's a yellow and black chūzūchē." Hahaha. I love my job.